Monday, 25 February 2013

Third Boreal Owl Nest Box Outing

Well this past weekend brendan and I got out to setup a few more boxes. It was such a beautiful day. Barely a cloud in the sky and the tress were covered in snow. We didnt get out as many boxes as we had hoped but we did put together this video from the days adventure. Hope you enjoy it and we should soon have a section up showing step by step on how to build a nest box. We're also included some photos from the day.

Here is a view from the road side as you head to Cape Spear

Female Pintail from Bowring Park

Next weekend we will be heading out to either butterpot park to check our boxes and maybe place a few more there or we will try and do some photography. we are both very excited for spring but with the dead of winter apon us its hard to think about nice hot sunny days shooting for hours without feeling like you have frostbitten hands and feet.

Below you can clearly see where an owl has swooped down and captured s vole !

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