Friday, 1 February 2013

Karwood Cabin's

Karwood cabins AKA blueberry creek is one of mine and brads favorite places to do bird photography and is actually one of our first conservation projects which included placing tree swallow nest boxes and duck hen houses.
I first met brad after I had posted to the local birding fourm (Nf.birds) talking about how many swallows I had seen at this pond and how I had boxes set up for them. He had contacted me because he was interested in photographing them. Well as you can see he liked the idea of helping the little birds out and here we are today working on a MUCH bigger project involving several species.
We have seen many species of birds at Karwood cabins not many rare birds but there is common birds in numbers which is good for photography. I could be wrong but I would be willing to say Karwood cabins is probably one of the best places in Newfoundland for tree swallows and was where I seen the first swallow of the year two years ago.
In the upcomming months expect to see many posts talking about our favorite little pond and many photos and videos to go along, to show you how to make a tree swallow box and many other things.
Below are some of my (Brendan) favourie pictures from Karwood cabins over the last few years.

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  1. Nice pictures!
    Your project makes me want to get out and do the same! Hopefully I'll be living in one area more permanently in the near future, so that I can take on similar projects!