Saturday, 16 February 2013

Quidy Vidy Lake- Gulls

This morning I had no school and brad managed to get the day off work so we headed to quidy vidy lake to see if the eagles were around and also just to practise on photographing birds in flight. We did see a few eagles early in the morning but they didn't last long.

The lighting was not the best but we made due with what we had and we got some cool results !

This is a little abstract edit I decided to try on a flock of pin tales, like it ? hate it ? what are your thoughts

There were thousands of gulls on the lake along with 3 eagles in total,2 coots and some nice looking scaup.
One of the best inflight poses are banking shots and I(Brad) was happy to pull one off today
Pretty much my last shot of the day. As we were leaving a man decided to feed the gulls and this Black Headed Gull decided to come in close.


This weekend we are going to be out doing some more photography and taking a short break from the boxes. Next weekend we will be in full force for next weekend as the time is here to get them out.

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