Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Codroy Valley - Newfoundland's Utopia

On May 25th, 2015 i spontaneously decided i was going to head to the Codroy Valley in the morning. At 6:00am i hit the Trans Canada Highway heading west, almost 900km later and i arrived in what i can only describe as a utopia just like Raymond Zinck described in his novel about the Codroy Valley titled "Newfoundland's Utopia". The first settlers to the Codroy Valley had believed they found the perfect place.. I can see why

Upper Ferry 

The valley is most commonly known for its beautiful scenery and amazing weather. It seemed to me as though the valley has its own warmer micro climate. Just as few kilometres in either direction and the weather was colder. This is the perfect location for birds. More specifically over shooting migrants headed for Cape Breton that went a little too far. The lush coniferous forests and endless streams, rivers and wetlands provide some of the best opportunities for birding Newfoundland has to offer.

A calm morning on the Grand Codroy River 

During my five days in the Codroy the only times i was not out searching for birds was when i was either sleeping or getting something to eat. I averaged it out to be close to twelve hours a day hiking around the valley. This was extremely exhausting and i may have over exerted myself to some degree but it was certainly worth it. I would say this trip toped my trip to Greenland a few years ago.


The Birds

I haven't yet added up how many species of birds i seen in the five days i spent in the valley but i am sure its more then I've ever seen in five days. Many first time birds like the Bobolink, Northern Parula, Winter Wren, and Bank Swallow.

Northern Praula 

Northern Praula 
The Northern Praula was my "Target bird" of the trip. I find them to be one of the most beautiful wood warblers. On my last full day of birding i hiked for two and a half hours in a dirt road and then through a few over grown foot paths. Finally i climbed a vertical embankment to reach a large stand of birch and aspen trees. It was amazing. The forest seemed untouched my humans and had massive trees. This is where i herd my first Winter Wren. Once back on the main trail and heading down the hill to get supper i herd the distinct call of the Northern Praula... I will never forget how excited i was to hear the classic zeeeeeee-yip tril. I am very happy with the images i was able to capture of this species in all of ten minutes!!

Cape May Warbler 
The Codroy is a place like no other here in Newfoundland. I am determined to return each spring from here on. Here are some more images i captured.

Rusty Blackbird 

Great Blue Heron 

Magnolia Warbler 

Black Throated Green Warbler 

Blue Headed Vireo 

American Redstart 

Arctic Tern 
Red winged Blackbird 
Eastern Kingbird 

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