Thursday, 25 April 2013

The slow return of spring & a nest box update !

Brad and Myself (Brendan) have been blocked with building nest boxes and other nesting structures so far this spring. We are expecting the return of tree swallows by the end of this week or early next week so we are in a rush to get the boxes up and ready to go. There is a lot more work in maintaining over some 30 owl boxes and countless tree swallow boxes because every spring we must clean them out and repair ones that people beat up or that naturally rot over time. I also have repaired 2 "hen houses" for black ducks and mallards to nest in. Below are a few shots of hen houses being built and in action.

Also Brad and I were able to get out over the weekend in the rainy weather to check out some of our boxes. Although there are none in our boxes yet, Keith Brown at butterpot park has a male owl hanging around one of his boxes so, now we wait to see if he will find a female !
Below is a short video we took on the lower salmonier line while checking boxes.

You can expect to see some bird pictures in the upcoming week of some new migrants and maybe a review of my NEW canon 300mm f2.8 is L usm ii. We will also try to do a review of the Jobu Jr3 Gimbal Head that both Brad and I use.

Junco Taken at Nevilles Pond

 One of many Wigeon at Nevilles Pond

Osprey Nest in Terrenceville where we have a photography blind setup

Also this weekend we are making our annual trip to the famous Cape St.Marys Ecological Reserve for some shots of horned larks, gannets, kitty wakes, murres and maybe caribou ! Stay tuned, spring has arrived.

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  1. I am a Bird Lover, and I used to live in Kilbride where I had many birds. I think what you are doing is AWESOME. Keep it up and Good Luck on your Studies.