Thursday, 10 July 2014

James Bay | Here I Come!

On Friday July 11th i will be heading to James Bay in Northern Ontario with the Canadian Wildlife Service for 37! days. I will be stationed at remote Cree nations hunting camps only accessible by helicopter. The goal of the trip is to identify and record what species we observe and how many. There will be special emphasis on the "rufa" subspecies of Red Knot. These plump rufus coloured shorebirds have seen massive declines since the late 80's and the CWS along with the Royal Ontario Museum want to find out why. This will be my last post until my return on August 18th. I had planned on having some pre-written material but due to how busy I've been over the last little while with work and preparations i haven't been able to do much blogging.

I hope everyone enjoys the summer while it lasts. Wish me luck !