Saturday, 8 March 2014

Common Merganser Nest Box Outing

This morning Brad & I headed to pouch cove to see if we could get some good looks at three Harlequin ducks that have been hanging out in the bay the last couple of days. The picture speaks for itself, the birds were a lot further then we had hoped they would be. It was great anyhow to see such a beautiful duck that we rarely set eyes on.

On our way to see the harlequins we spotted a flock of robins and starlings feeding on the dogberries. Mixed in with them were American Goldfinch and a few cedar waxwings. All the birds seemed hungry as they plucked the small frozen berries off the tree.

Later in the afternoon i decided to go and place a Common Merganser nest box at Topisal beach. The mergansers have been hanging out there for sometime now and i am hoping if they are in need of a nest site in spring they will remember the box.


The view from the box

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