Monday, 3 March 2014

Time to place some boxes!

Winter still has a firm grip on Newfoundland with temps dropping near -30c with the wind chill over the course of the week. This long cold winter must be hard on our featherd friends and each time Brad and I go out to do some photography the pickings are getting smaller. Quidi Vidi lake  seems to be an exception with the gorgeous Peregrine Falcon that has taken up residence also a drake Wood duck and Common mergansers at the lake have been offering excellent photo ops.

The owls we build nesting boxes for such as the Boreal Owl & Northern Saw-Whet owl are extremely nocturnal birds that go so unnoticed in our boreal forests. If you look online very little is known about these birds compared to other species and on the island of Newfoundland little to nothing is known. Our nest box project is the largest on the island and each weekend is growing with more boxes and tips on where to place them.

We would like to thank the people who have came forward over the last few days to take action and help out the owls.  It has come in all different forms. From helping building boxes, donating supplies or helping place boxes. If your looking to donate lumber we use 10 inch knotty pine. We use 1 1/2" black drywall scews to build the boxes. The reason we use theses specific screws is they do not rust and seem to be the most cost efficient. 

This weekend we begin placing boxes. We are always looking for volunteers who are willing to lug an extension ladder through the woods, place a few boxes and learn a thing or two. Even just helping us transport the boxes to a location is a big help. This year will be the year we have boxes spanning from the East to the West of the island!

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