Thursday, 31 January 2013

Hello everyone,
Myself (Brad James) and Brendan Kelly have decided to document our upcoming nature projects. Both being huge lovers of animals, active birders in our province, wildlife photographers and now conservationists we thought it would be nice to share what we know, what we find and in some way bring you along on our adventures.
I’m a 32 year old tech working with the govt. but my passion is wildlife photography and I’m out in the field any chance I can get. I joined my local birding group on google (nf.birds) and that is where I met Brendan. An enthusiastic 16 year old student looking to learn all he can about photography and to make a difference in the birding community. We’ve now spent the past 2 years doing photography together and learning new techniques. Brendan has taken things a setup further and put together some personal projects in conservation. In the past few years he has built numerous nest boxes for various bird species across the province. He has recently won an award with ducks unlimited and has been granted funding for future conservation projects. Brendan has asked me to help him out and that is where we begin.
Our blog will detail the processes we take to building nest boxes, our adventures in placing them out in the field. Hopefully some amazing photos of the process and the birds that inhabit our nests. Not only will we be doing conservation projects but also photography projects. We will be doing setups for bird photography using various methods such as water drips and bird calls to bring our subjects in.  We always make sure to be very respectful of our subjects and not to disturb their normal behaviours. You can expect to see lots of photos, videos and detailed information to hopefully help you out in your own nature projects.
The first project for us begins this weekend with the installation of our first Boreal Owl nest boxes. We are lucky to have the chance to meet up with one of the rangers at Butter Pot Provincial Park. He will be providing us with information on possible locations for Boreal Owls and show us pictures of previous nest boxes he had setup in the Park. More details on our first project coming soon…