Monday, 19 May 2014

Tree Swallows Return!

After a long winter, Tree Swallows are back for another nesting season. Only a few weeks ago the first swallow of the season was spotted and now this morning there was well over 20 of them fluttering around Neville's pond. This past weekend i repaired last years boxes and constructed a few more. I checked back this morning to see if the swallows were interested in the boxes yet.... I was not disappointed!

It won't be long now until they begin nest building. A pair of swallows has taken up territory in a box right in my back yard! This is the third year in a row.

After a very busy weekend repairing boxes and camping i hope to get some photos of Tree Swallows on interesting perches. I will try my luck this week and will be sure to post with the results. I now have 20 boxes at Neville's pond ready to go. The next location i will be placing boxes is a small wetland near my house where I've had a single pair of swallows using the same box since i placed it in 2011. This year id like to see more swallow boxes in the area to help reduce the number of swallows fighting over the single box.

A little surprise this morning was a Barn Swallow mixed in the the Tree Swallows.


  1. Wow! Great photo of the Barn Swallow in flight!
    Not easy to target a specific swallow and get a shot in flight like that.

  2. Great pictures! Do you have any tips on how to securely mount nest boxes to metal poles in the water like that?