Saturday, 3 May 2014

European birds continue to invade Newfoundland

Over the last few weeks a very rare event has taken place. N and NE winds have been blowing migrating shorebirds like European Golden Plover and Black-Tailed Godwits WAY of course and now they have some how found their way to the island of Newfoundland. These birds are strong fliers that can fly non stop for days on end. Unlike other birds they tend to migrate over the ocean rathern than land. Possibly making them more venerable to offsetting winds.

                                              Common Redshank!

The numbers of birds that have been found are staggering by any means. Almost 200 European Golden Plovers and multiple reports of Black Tailed Godwits really gets the blood pumping after a very LONG and dull winter here on the island. Yesterday I helped a birder from California find a group of 6 plovers that have been hanging out in a small field for about a week now. This small group of plovers are a lot more tame then any others that I know of. If you stay inside of your car and wait......and wait they will eventually work their way over to you. It worked out for us that the birds were drove towards us by a black dog that lives in the aera. It was amazing to see the birds crouch down and use their camouflage to stay hidden rather then fly away like most other shorebirds.

European Golden Plover

More euro birds like wheatear are still showing up, we all are waiting and searching for the next MEGA rarity like a Eurasian Curlew or Meadow pipit.

This weekend becides hunting for mega rarities Brad & I hope to get some nice stumps set up in a marsh close to my house in hopes of getting some snipe on them. Also it is crunch time for building Tree Swallow boxes. Spring is shaping up to be a VERY busy season!


This was a prewritten post. This morning Bruce Mactavish discovered a COMMON REDSHANK at Renews Harbour !!!! Also Dave Brown found a Eurasian Whimbrel. As i write this local birders are trying to locate a possible Greenland subspecies of Dunlin!

How much longer will this continue!!!!
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