Sunday, 25 January 2015

Trip Report part 2

Like i mentioned before, one of the things i focused on was waterfowl and more specifically waterfowl that is uncommon to Newfoundland. The great lakes abundant supply of Zebra Mussels which are an invasive species seem to provide and excellent food source for the tens of thousands of wintering waterfowl.


Hen Common Goldeneye
I had a great time seeing so many ducks that were reasonably approachable. I find that when I'm out shooting as soon as i find a subject to photograph such as a Hooded Merganser it seems that i don't even notice I'm cold anymore because of how focused i am on getting the shot, this happened many times during my trip to Toronto!

Drake Hooded Merganser

Drake Hooded Merganser

Hooded Mergansers are one species of duck that i am determined to get good images of one of these days. Id like to get an image of a drake with his crest all the way up. Maybe next year when i return!

Canada Goose

Trumpeter Swan 

Trumpeter Swan REAL close 
Hen Common Goldeneye
Late one evening as the sun was beginning to dip below the horizon i was very doubtful that i wasn't going to see any owls on my trip. Just as Mark & I got in the car to drive away from the location we both noticed something move to the right of the car about 10ft up.... A Barred Owl!!!

Barred Owl
I really thought that this would be my favourite image from my trip, until about 20 minutes later we stumbled upon this amazingly cute saw-whet owl. Anyone that knows me would know that this was HUGE for me. Each year i build countless boxes for Boreal &Saw-whet owls but have never set eyes on one of them in the wild. What an amazing little owl hey?

Saw-whet Owl

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