Wednesday, 16 April 2014

I'm going to James Bay!

I have some amazing news to announce, in July  I along with a few other lucky individuals will be heading to one of the most amazing places in Canada. From July 13 - August 15 I will be stationed at a remote camp right in the bottom of James bay. James bay is known for the emence numbers of shorebirds that pass through the aera each year at the beginning of their fall migration. From reading others comments and blogs who have been there before. I can expect anything from a yellow rail to a stilt sandpiper! In terms of birding and photography this is AMAZING.  

I have already begun a wish list of species I hope to see but I am keeping my expectations down to a minimal as far a diversity goes and up on numbers. I expect to see literally thousands of shorebirds during the month or so i will be there. 

It seems that I will be doing a fair amount of hiking and walking with hevy packs and almost always wearing rubber boots.
On top of this the misquotes there are apparently in clouds and constantly thirsty for human blood. To anyone else this seems like something they wouldn't enjoy for a weekend let alone 4 weeks! But for me this is a dream come true. When I was in the arctic before I said to myself that I would return. James bay may not be true arctic but it is right inbetwen Canada's boreal forest and arctic tundra so I can't complain. Stay tuned for more information about my trip over the next month or so!

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